How to Clean the Inside of your Laptop – 9 Key Steps

How to Clean the Inside of your Laptop

What many laptop owners don’t understand is how vital it is to keep the inside of their laptop clean. Cleaning your laptop is almost all the time considered not to be the primary concern of any laptop owner.

This is due to the lack of knowledge or doesn’t have a proper understanding of the issue.

Your laptop is an extremely delicate piece of equipment that is useful in so many ways. The laptop works hard to please and entertain you, and serve your bidding.

While your laptop is doing all this, it’s running or is switched on. Once the laptop is on, all the parts inside of your laptop are working causing the unit to get hot. Depending on what you’re doing on your laptop at any given time, will in most cases depend on how hot the laptop will get.

Cooling is an extremely vital part of your laptop system. If your laptop gets too hot things to begin to take place, bad things, things that you don’t want going inside the laptop, in short, laptop parts will burn out or break. This will render them ineffective. Meaning they will need to be replaced.

The biggest threat in cooling to all laptops is dust. Once a laptop is on the parts inside the laptop are electrically charged. It is electrically charged parts which attract the dirt and dust inside of your laptop.

What occurs once you leave the dirt and dust unattended inside your laptop?

It will gather on the laptop parts, and especially the laptop processor heatsink.

Once the dust and dirt build up on the components or parts, they can no longer circulate or breathe the much required cooler air which allows laptop parts to cool down. Once your laptop parts can’t cool down, they will break down.

You must try and maximize your laptop. You can boost your chances of obtaining that goal with regular cleaning. It is highly recommended to perform laptop cleaning at least once a month. Also, this will depend on your environment.

The reason why cleaning the inside of your laptop needs to be done at least once a month is that it makes the job of cleaning easier through decreasing the build-up of dust inside your laptop.

Proper Way of Cleaning the Inside of your LaptopHow to Clean the Inside of your Laptop

It is essential to keep your laptop clean and to work well. Taking it along anywhere you go and using it often, you’ll find it gets dirty quickly, and if left dirty, the keys might get stuck and do not work efficiently.

The first thing you have to do is to read your laptop manual and know what is recommended for its individual cleaning.

Like for instance, some brands or models of the laptop comes with a drainage system on the keyboard. Cleaning fluid can be poured into the keyboard as well as air dried.

Don’t even think of trying this until you have read how to clean your laptop or you could end up ruining it.

Provided your user’s manual is in agreement, here is a simple and quick way of cleaning the inside of your laptop:

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To clean the inside of your laptop, you will need:

  • Anti-bacterial spray
  • A cleaning spray that has isopropyl alcohol which can be obtained at most computer shops is advisable when cleaning the inside of your laptop. You can make your own with one part water and isopropyl
  • Hand-held mini vacuum
  • Anti-static wiping cloths
  • Cotton buds
  • Can of compressed air

Steps in Cleaning the Inside of your LaptopHow to Clean the Inside of your Laptop

  1. Unplugged your laptop
  2. You need to get that keyboard unplugged as well- perhaps it contains bits of crumbs, grit, cigarette ash, etc. Indeed it will contain bacteria.
  3. Tap the keyboard of the laptop kindly with the palm of your hand while facing upside down. This must remove most of the grime and dirt. Alternately, you can utilize a mini-held vacuum cleaner, the type utilized for sucking up dirt and crumbs in your car or on your kitchen counter.
  4. Utilizing a damp clean cloth of the anti-static form, wipe the casing clean and the keyboard keys as well, depressing each one gently and carefully as you go and cleaning each one. This might look like an arduous task, but actually, it will not take too long and the more often you clean the inside of the laptop, the cleaner and easier this task will become.
  5. Refrain from spraying cleansing sprays or anti-bacterial directly into your laptop parts, unless the manual denotes that you can do this. Spraying solutions onto your anti-static cloth instead and then wipe the laptop parts clean.
  6. You’re now left with the cooling vents of your device to clean. When cleaning the cooling vents, you’ll need cotton buds, the type used for baby care. Using these, hold the fan blades carefully in place.
  7. Spray the cooling vents with a compressed air can. Avoid spraying too hard and don’t spray directly onto the fan of your laptop.
  8. Make sure that the preparations you utilize are alcohol-based for quick drying.
  9. Get rid of the thermal oil, moisten a lint-free cloth that has 99% isopropyl alcohol and then wipe out the thermal oil from the heat sink and the processor. Less concentrated alcohol will work as well but might leave remains which can decrease the efficiency of the thermal grease or paste. A commercially accessible thermal material remover can be utilized rather than isopropyl alcohol. Coffee filters can also be used rather than a lint-free cloth.

How Often to Clean the Inside of your Laptop

  • Refer to the manual.

Some professionals suggest cleaning the inside of your laptop every other month, some once a year. It depends how frequent you utilize your laptop and how dirty it gets, but always keep in mind that you will want to remove the latent bacteria often.

To maintain a clean and dirt free laptop pay close attention to the instructions given here or in your laptop computer user manual weekly.

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