How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard – 3 Key Steps to Do It

How can you ensure that you are cleaning the keyboard of your laptop correctly?

There are many suggestions and tips you can see online on how to clean sticky and dirty laptop keyboard. Keyboard deserves proper cleaning.

This you might start properly by lubricating the keyboard back to the smooth performance it had while it was newly bought.

Often, you’ll experience that the keys of your keyboard will stick. This might be due to drinking spills on your keyboard, rubber pieces inside accountable for the snappy action when typing is weakened, and wearing off the components of the keyboard and the most common one is the gathering of dust as well as hair falls.

Below are some tips on how to address your issues with your laptop keyboard and bring it backs to its superb operation.

How to Bring Back the Keyboard of your Laptop to Perfection

First, prepare the cleaning materials needed in cleaning the keyboard laptop. These will take account of cotton swabs, cleaning ads made from rubber foams, water, paper towels and alcohol, lighter fluid, scissors and tweezers, a spray can and a kitchen strainer.

You may also grab a PTFE-based lubricant that is known to dry fast considerably appropriate for this procedure.

3 Steps In Cleaning the Laptop Keyboard

  • Disassemble the KeyboardHow to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

First, you should make a keyboard map to avoid losing the key which you take out from the keyboard. Carefully take out every key and keep safe in a jug.

Keep in mind not to utilize too much force as you may not be able to put keyboard keys back again. Small rubber pieces you find, keep in another jug to avoid losing.

It.s best to take a photo of the keyboard before disassembling, so you know when to put it together in the right place.

  • Begin Cleaning your Keyboard

Begin the cleaning of your keyboard utilizing cotton swabs slightly moistened with water. Ensure they are only a bit moist if too wet with water, surely the water will taint the keyboard and may damage your keyboard.

This will assure cleaning up on all contaminants like the coffee, soda or chocolate crumbles which spilled.

For hard to reach areas of your keyboard, get foam rubbers and slice them into small pieces. Using the tweezers to hold them, you can clean well these hard to reach parts of your laptop keyboard.

Make sure though that these rubber foam pieces are always dampened with water.

  • Repeat the Same Process Using Alcohol

Repeat the same process utilizing cotton swabs soaked in alcohol. Avoid using rubber foams with alcohol as they will fall apart with alcohol. After utilizing alcohol, once more you need to repeat the same process using lighter fluid with tiny pieces of foam rubber as well as tweezers. This will ensure that all oil-based contaminants are eliminated from each key of your keyboard.

Clean Every Key Of Your Keyboard

First, clean every key of the keyboard with cotton buds and lighter fluid to get rid of all petroleum-based contaminants.

With the keys placed in a strainer, spray it with cleaner and leave for five minutes after rinsing using warm water and drying them with paper towels to completely dry.

Then you should ensure to clean all rubber parts, lubricate the keys utilizing the Super Lube Dry Film lubricant and lastly lubricating the keyboard by performing the same thing as lubricating the keys.


When cleaning the keyboard through removing the keys from your laptop, make sure that you have knowledge and experience in doing it.

You can utilize a screwdriver to get rid of individual keys from the keyboard. Then keep them in lukewarm soapy water for about ten to fifteen minutes.

This will aid to dispose of the dirt that has gotten stuck to the keys. While the keys are soaking, get a damp cotton ball and kindly wipe the keyboard.

Then take another cotton ball soaked in alcohol and clean the board again. Ensure that you pay special attention to the crevices. Now, set your keyboard aside and move to the keys.

Wash all the keys under running tap water. Get a soft-bristled toothbrush and lightly scrub the keys to eliminate the dust and the grime.

Then set the keys aside on a clean towel to dry. Once the keys are completely dry, utilize a dry film lubricant to oil them.

Ensure that you coat all the keys all over with the oil or lubricant. When the keyboard is dry, replace the individual keys on the board. Now have a thoroughly cleaned keyboard on your laptop.

Keep your Laptop Keyboard Clean by Following these TipsHow to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

  • You have to keep away from drinking and eating when utilizing your laptop. Coffee pills might happen, and some small chips might enter the keyboard without noticing. To avoid this from happening, you need to stop this practice.
  • Wipe the outer portion of your keyboard on a regular basis. Preventing more dirt buildup entering the base of your keyboard may be the best first line of defense.
  • You need to cover your laptop after using to avoid more exposure to dust and dirt.
  • Put rubber covering on the keyboard. It works as the outer covering of your keyboards.


Normally with regards to cleaning the keyboard of your laptop, you end up taking a duster and simply wiping the surface. On the other hand, this will not eliminate all the grime and dust that is likely to build up in the crevices.

In due course, the accumulated grime and dust will interfere with the functioning of the keyboard keys. So, to avoid this from taking place, you need to make sure that you clean the keyboard in the approved manner.

Always keep in mind that maintaining the cleanliness and proper condition of your laptop is very vital to its functionality.

With the procedures and tips mentioned above, you can make sure your laptop keyboard is dirt-free, problem-free and most importantly working effectively.

If you have any feedback or experiences using this pill (or questions), I would love to hear them. Simply drop a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

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