How to Clean a Computer Screen – Nice Spanking New!

In previous years, the platform that many people are using to communicate is through writing. In today’s time, there are lots of platforms that many people will be benefited.

The newly invented technologies nowadays indeed help many people in many ways. One of the platforms that you can use on communicating with others is the so-called “computer.”

Computer and internet are the two most important platforms that every person uses in the world of communication. In just a single click of the keyboard, you can now communicate and get the information that you want to know.

The platform computer is one of the necessary devices for students and working employees. This kind of device can store the different information you have.

But what if your computer screen has the disturbing and disgusting dirt types like stains and smudges? Having this kind of computer screen is annoying. So what are the ways that you can do to make your computer screen clean? Here are the steps that you can do.

How to Clean a Computer Screen

Use Sponge to Remove the Grime and Dirt in your Computer Screen

There are times that your computer screen has annoying dirt and grime. Microfiber cloth can be your solution but what if you don’t have this?

It is not necessary for you to rub your computer screen with any cloth. Because if you do, it might give your computer screen some scratches that are more annoying in your eye.

You can use the method of dumping a sponge n your computer screen. You will need a sponge (not the one that you use on washing your plates) and use filtered water to start cleaning.

You also need to avoid using tap water, for it can leave some marks on your computer screen that you don’t want to happen. To start this cleaning method,

You need to remove or unplug your computer.

Dip the sponge in the filtered water and wipe your computer screen gently. If there are some drips, you should remove it immediately.

If you read my story on what has happened to me on how I used warm water and cloth which ended up dripping into my computer and damaging it,

Please take my word for it and take the necessary safer option and on not risking for this to happen.

Microfiber Cloth to Remove the Dust on your Computer Screen

How to Clean a Computer Screen

Microfiber cloth is the number one tool that many computer owners used in cleaning their computer screen. Microfiber cloth is the best cleaning material that you can use on cleaning your computer screen.

This microfiber cloth will gently wipe the surface of your computer screen and will not leave any mark of scratches. When you use another type of fabric, it will more likely go your computer screen some debris or scratches.

Do not ever tempt to use your tissue paper on cleaning your computer screen.

Tissue papers are soft to use on your nose, but it is not that soft when you use it on cleaning your computer screen. The first thing that you must do before cleaning your computer screen is to unplug this to the power source.

This is for your safety and to see the dust easier and clean it faster. Gently wipe the microfiber cloth on your computer screen in one direction only and refrain from wiping it in different directions of your computer screen which might make the dust messier.

Here are some top reviews on microfiber cloths which are cheap to buy

Use Some Cleaning Solutions to Remove the Sticky Things and Oils on your Computer Screen

With the use of the cleaning solutions that you can purchase from its numerous outlets, you can now remove the sticky things and the oils on your computer screen.

You can clean solutions which do work or make a “do-it-yourself” cleaning solution. If you are planning to make your cleaning solution,

You should mix white vinegar and water with the same ratio.

These two ingredients are best on cleaning your computer screen.

With the use of microfiber cloth and the cleaning solution, you can now easily remove all the annoying things and oils on your computer screen.

You should dampen the microfiber cloth with the cleaning solution.

You can now wipe the microfiber cloth in the area where it has sticky things or oils. Make sure that you should unplug first your computer screen on its power source for your safety.

I recommend getting a cleaning solution which is industry standard and have higher quality rather than doing it yourself but that is entirely up to you.

Check out reviews on recommended cleaning solutions which you can find the best ones.


There are some essential things that you should know first before conducting a cleaning method to your computer screens. The following are the things that you should know first to make your cleaning process easier and faster.

  • Always Unplug your Computer from its Power Source

Your computer device is in need to have the power of electricity to work. It is a significant factor in cleaning your computer device to unplug it first. This is for your safety and also to make your work easier and faster.

When you disconnect your computer from its power source, you can now safely clean your computer screen without the fear of getting an electric shock. When the screen is black, you can now see the dirt and dust easier which makes your work faster.

  • Do not Spray Directly onto your Computer Screen

This is the second thing you should always keep in your mind.

If you are using cleaning solutions on cleaning your computer screen, make sure that you have the microfiber cloth that you will use in wiping the dirt and dust on your computer screen.

When you directly spray the cleaning solution onto your computer screen, it has a higher possibility that the answer will go down on the display which can lead on getting some liquids inside your computer monitor.

In preventing this event from happening in your computer device, it is preferable to use your microfiber cloth on wiping gently to the screen of your computer.

Make your own device safer as you to use this for an extended period. Yes, it is easier to clean your computer screen if you are knowledgeable about the things that you should and shouldn’t do.

Keeping in your mind about these two things to remember it will make your cleaning time easier and faster.

f you have any feedback or experiences using this pill (or questions), I would love to hear them. Simply drop a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

  1. This was actually a very fun article to read. As I read I noticed just how dirty my computer truly is! It makes sense it is so dirty with how often I am working on it. I will definitely take your tips on cleaning in between the keys and such.

    Thanks for much for the article, much needed read.


  2. There is a lot of informative stuff here, I for one have never thought to use tissue paper for cleaning my pc but now I know for sure NOT to.

    The only type of cleaning I’ve done to computers is the take it apart and air spray it to get the dust out.
    Where would you recommend to buy the supplies necessary for a full clean on a pc?

    • Hi Joe. you can buy it any hardware store but you can also buy supplies online, I will be putting up reviews on the best products that are recommended very soon

  3. You have some really useful ideas about cleaning a computer screen.

    As you say, there are few things more annoying than trying to work through a mess of smudges and smears on your screen.

    I agree that microfibre cloths are the most effective. I have been using them with a glass spray which I obtained from my optometrist, which seems pretty effective. Do you know of any reason why I should not use that?

    I must confess that I have been spraying the solution directly on to the screen, and I have not been turning off the power, so many thanks for your advice there, and I will not be doing those things in the future!

    Thank you so much for your great advice.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • When it comes to delicate glass surfaces in electronics, it’s advisable to use isopropyl alcohol and not cleaning solutions like glass cleaner. just make sure you put a small bit on the Microfiber cloth and not on the monitor

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