HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS) Review

HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS) HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS) Review

ProductHomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS) Review
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 HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS) Overview

If you’ve had your fair share of surfing the net, then you must have read about all the raging trends on electronics and cleaning, particularly about the slime.

It isn’t just any ordinary slime, but a gooey cleaning tool said to be an excellent way to get dust and lint out of your keyboards, and other parts of the computer.

There are plenty of products of this so-called slime, and some even created their recipes. In this article, you’ll learn about a magic keyboard cleaner gel perfect for your desktop and laptop.


As mentioned before, this review is about a particular slimy cleaning tool that has been all the rage today. As someone who continually uses a laptop as a means of her work, a dusty work device is one of the things I hate.

It simply does not sit with me to type on a computer with a dirty keyboard, but no matter how I try to clean it, the dirt and dust are always there.

As I was looking for a solution, that’s when I found out about HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS)  This keyboard cleaner gel is one of the best the market has to offer right now, one designed to keep you from the mess and waste of time you usually experience when cleaning your device.

But you are probably wondering, “Is it effective?” “Can this slimy thing keep your keyboard from feeling dirty?” Just like you, I wanted to know, and I will tell you what I found out about it in this review.

Continue reading, and you will understand why HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS) is a top product in the market.

Quick ReviewHomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS) Review

HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS) is an excellent cleaning tool perfect for keeping clean of any electronics, not only your laptop or computer.

It is significant that it works well in absorbing dirt and dust in every cavity of any device. It is not only any sticky or jelly cleaning too but a high-tech reusable cleaning compound capable of catching dirt and dust as well as killing germs.

It works on keyboards, mouse, telephones, mobile phones, and virtually anything you can think of that will needing cleaning.

The fact that the compound is reusable is one of its most significant advantages as it means you can use it over and over again until it finally becomes nontransparent.

When it comes to storing, this keyboard cleaner gel is safe and convenient to use thanks to the air-tight, re-sealable Zip bag the product includes.

The use of this cleaner is super easy and takes only four steps.

First, you need to ensure your hands are clean before use. Then, you take the gel out and pinch to whatever shape you desire.

Next, you simply put the gel to whatever surface you want to be cleaned then press the jelly for about 2 to 3 times before lifting it. With that, you can see all the dirt, dust, hairs, and other particles picked up. Once done, you can put the gel back the zip bag and wash your hands.

After that, you are done and can see a super clean device quick and easy. Anyone with electronic or mechanical devices or any appliances can easily find that these 4Pcs HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner is an excellent choice for keeping any surface clean quick and no mess.


  • Reusable cleaning compound that can be used on any device that needs cleaning
  • Air-tight, re-sealable ZIP bag allows you to safely and conveniently store it
  • Cleans dirt, dust, hair, and crumbs from anywhere without coming apart or leaving any residue
  • Safe and clean way of keeping any devices and surfaces
  • Compound easily absorbs dirt and dust from any gaps and crevices


  • Not for children’s use
  • The compound is not ideal for use on clothing


There are many reasons to like about HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS). After all, it is effective, convenient, easy-to-use, and reusable.

All these ensure that anyone who uses the product won’t ever be tired again in removing particles, dust, and hair off their keyboards.

As I said before, it works a lot on computers, and it irritates me that it is always dirty, especially when it can’t seem to find the best cleaning tool for what I need. But that was only until I found this wonderful keyboard cleaner gel.

Using the gel was incredibly easy, and I was able to use it over and over again, which saved me a lot in never having to buy the gel anytime I need to clean my keyboard.

As I said, it was so easy to use the gel, and it isn’t messy at all, never migrating to other surfaces.

When I first tried it, all I need to do is fold the compound with each use, and the particles are microencapsulated into it.

If I ever need a reason for anything to give a higher rating for a product, the ease of use and effectiveness are always at the top of my reasons. This is why this product is undoubtedly highly-recommended for me.


Overall, I can say that the HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS) is an excellent cleaning product perfect for use in any electronic or mechanical items. It is only a simple product, but it does it works well of catching dirt and killing germs so easily.

If you are looking for a safe and convenient way to keep your device pristine without the mess and other irritating things, this is one of the best choices.

Right now, of course, there are other similar products available in the market, and most of them do the trick they offer. But really, it more on the matter of which you prefer. Also, you might also want to choose the keyboard cleaner gel that is biodegradable if you are environmentally conscious.

But from my experience, HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner (4PCS) is indeed an excellent choice.

If you have any feedback or experiences (or questions), I would love to hear them. Simply drop a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

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