Electric Air Duster – The Pros and Cons

Dust is the leading enemy of personal computers, electronic equipment and other computer components.

Regardless of how good and quality your computer is and the number of fan filters installed on it, dust still finds its way inside your computer cases and collected by your precious PC components.

Dust can release to various problems including increased temperature if the case and can also reduce your CPU or GPU heat sink and case fan performance that can result in overheating of graphics card and processor.

Dust can also be collected on the motherboard and its essential components and in case there’s moisture buildup within the case during the humid season, then this can result to short circuit on PCB and motherboard and can trigger permanent damage.

Using vacuum cleaner is not really the best way of removing dust from PC case and from computer components instead, it should be blowing the air to the case and components.

Compressed air cans have become popular when it comes to cleaning computers and parts but this is costly especially if the entire computer needs to be cleaned and these can no longer be used again once the cans get empty.

Some use a vacuum cleaner in a blower mode in cleaning their computer and its essential components but it’s advised not to practice this since air coming out of the vacuum cleaner is loaded with lots of static charges and can damage the motherboard severely as well as the computer’s electronic components.

The best way of cleaning dust from the computer case, parts and electronic components is through electric air dusters that are particularly designed for this purpose.

What is an Electric Air Duster?   What is an Electric Air Duster?  

Electric air duster is a small and compact air blower which blows out air in high pressure to eliminate the dust from things where this air duster is completely directed. This small blower is safe to use on the following:

  • laptops
  • computers
  • CPU
  • keyboards
  • graphics card heat sink and fans
  • computer case fans
  • printers
  • cameras
  • radiators
  • other electronic device or equipment

Electric air dusters are safer and more economical than the compressed air dusters or air cans.

This is a one-time beneficial investment and you can clean your electronics and your PC as many times you want without worrying that you might run out of the air which is often the case when it comes to compressed air cans.

These air dusters are a lot safer than the compressed air cans since the only thing that comes out is air unlike air can which might emit chemical liquid contained inside the cans that can cause damage to your electronics and computer parts.

The chemicals used in this compressed air can are not safe for the environment and deadly for the people. Choosing the best electric air duster is highly important if you are really serious in taking care of your computer.


  • Doesn’t buildup static charge
  • Safer and more functional
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Have a broad range of applications
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • Saves time when cleaning dust
  • Free of deadly fluorocarbons and deadly propellants and inhalants

Unlimited usage without restrictions


  • Electric Air duster cleaner only lasts for 15 to 30 minutes
  • Might experience minor struggle in operating this device especially first time users
  • There are some individuals who complain that this sometimes stop functioning unexpectedly

More Other Benefits of Electric Air Duster

Electric air dusters are specially designed and can be used in cleaning debris, dust and dirt from office equipment, electronic devices, technical gear and other electronic devices at home or in the office.

This is a better alternative to the compressed air gas option. By using this product, you no longer have to rush to the nearest computer supply store to get more air cans since electric air duster is readily available and good to go.

Users of this tool can rely on its continuous function and performance.  Electric air dusters are lightweight so it is easy to use almost everywhere.

There are attachments and accessories available for a more improved cleaning even on hard to reach components of your computer and other electronic gadgets.

Invest in the best electric air duster and never allow dirt and dust buildup in your PC and electronic gadgets’ components.

Use electric air duster to keep your gadget clean and on top condition. By ensuring this, you can expect your computer and another electronic device to function at its best.

There may be countless choices in the market when it comes to electric air duster.

If you have an idea about the pros and cons of electric air duster and you are able to weigh your options, you will definitely end up with the right electric air duster that matches and fulfill your needs.


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