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Desktop USB Vacuum CleanerDesktop USB Vacuum Review


Product: Desktop USB Vacuum Review
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USB Vacuum Cleaner Overview

Vacuum cleaners are essential in keeping your floors clean. Compared to traditionally sweeping the floor, using vacuum is by far the most effective in removing dust, dirt, grime, and all kinds of particles that linger on your floor. But these days, vacuum cleaners no longer help clean your house but serve other purposes as well.

To be specific, there are now USB vacuum cleaners designed to help clean the keyboard of your laptop.

Using USB vacuum cleaner is one of the methods available today that can help get rid of the dirt and debris that accumulated under the keys, the other is when using an air-compressed can.

Most people prefer using a Desktop USB vacuum, and you will find out in this review article why.

Desktop USB Vacuum ReviewIntroduction

If you are looking for a useful and more effective way of cleaning out dust and debris out from your keyboards, this Desktop USB Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best options.

The USB vacuum is perfect to use for cleaning all desks and keyboards. Like others of this product, you only need to plug it a USB power source, and you can proceed to clean away.

The product is simple without so many nozzle attachments. However, it boasts of being powerful enough in removing most dust and crumbs that stick on your keyboards.

Since my work requires that I use my laptop almost every day, it always gets dirty, especially during windy days. It’s irritating when dirt and dust settle on my laptop, and typing feels filthy that way.

At the same time, the dust that settles is terrible for the keys as well. Looking for a way to keep my keyboard clean and far from being clunky, I found this Desktop USB Vacuum Cleaner and resolved to try it.

Quick ReviewDesktop USB Vacuum Review

When it comes to USB vacuum for desktops, there are plenty of other products available in the market. But this Desktop USB Vacuum is genuinely one of the easiest and most useful computer vacuum cleaners out there.

Having used it myself, I can say it far surpasses other methods of cleaning laptop keyboards including that of a car of compressed air.

In using the vacuum, all you need to do is remove it from the compartment then clean and remove the dust clinging on the keys you tap every day.

This product comes in two colors – pink and blue – from which you can choose your preferred keyboard cleaner. Compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, desktop USB cleaners are entirely different.

The significant difference is the power source and of course the size.

This Desktop USB Vacuum Cleaner is the small – compact size that allows you to bring it with you anywhere. It is in an excellent size that it was not uncomfortable with me at all to bring it back and forth from work to home.

The cleaner is made of plastic, which helps in keeping it light. But even though made of plastic, I can tell that the vacuum is solid enough to be moved around and kept inside my heavy bag without damage.

Aside from being lightweight and compact, as well as an effective cleaning tool, this USB vacuum can be used in cleaning things besides laptop keyboards.

Its multiuse includes cleaning bookshelves, and pieces of furniture you find hard to clean.


  • Lightweight and portability allows you to carry it anywhere you go
  • Plastic material but features a sturdy construction that can withstand everyday wear and tear
  • Strong suction that effectively removes dust, dirt, and other particles off your keyboards.
  • Sucking action ensures no particles end up stuck in the keys as its use ensures no particles are left.
  • Multiuse cleaning tool that can help clean not only your laptop keyboard and desktop but also bookshelves and furniture.
  • USB power source means you can simply connect it with your computer and proceed to clean your keyboard.
  • The cleaning tool can fit comfortably in hand and get into tight spaces.


  • USB cord may not reach up to other spaces you want to clean.
  • Lengthy use can make the vacuum feel hot.


This Desktop USB Vacuum Cleaner is a simple one – cute in two available colors, lightweight, and powerful enough. However, I would say there are more expensive models with more features that you might find superior than these.

The simplicity of the product is excellent, especially for others who have no idea how to use vacuum cleaners. But this one lacks some features you might want in your vacuum cleaner.

I like desktop vacuum cleaners that allow you to regulate its power, as it means you can control it that the keys won’t be sucked as well.

It also would have been great if it has a battery option so it would be easier to use it when cleaning shelves or other spaces where you can’t easily connect to a USB power source.

While the desktop vacuum cleaner lacks some features, it does work well for its price range. After having tried it, I can attest that it has enough power to suck off the dirt off your keyboard.

But if you are looking for more features, this product might disappoint you a little.


This Desktop USB Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best laptop cleaners you can find in the market within its price range, for sure.

For an affordable price, it is quite useful in ensuring your laptop keyboard and desktop will be free from dust and dirt. Being lightweight and portable, you can bring it with you anywhere to use whenever your keyboard becomes dusty.

These features make it the ideal USB vacuum cleaner for writers and anyone who use their laptop for work.

Knowing how annoying it can be when your keyboard is dirty, you can now keep it clean with this affordable, but useful cleaning tool.

There are some limitations like the USB cord, but those are quickly resolved. If you are looking for a reasonably priced but quality desktop cleaning tool, I highly recommend this one.

It isn’t perfect, but it does its job well.

If you have any feedback or experiences using this pill (or questions), I would love to hear them. Simply drop a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

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