Can Of Compressed Air – The Pros and Cons

Electronics are intrinsic parts of life. But to keep them working for long, electronics must be cleaned and maintained. If you go to any place that offers and sell computers, you will notice cans of compressed air in these places.

Compressed air cans are particularly made for cleaning electronic gadgets. These cans contain air or gas compressed under pressure.

Using the can of compressed air is a highly recommended option for cleaning your electronics. But before buying one, take time to understand weigh compressed air cans pros and cons.

The Need for Compressed Air Cans

Electronics and computers can instantly attract dirt and dust particles. This dirt particle accumulation on any given component raises the temperature resulting in failure of the computer components most especially the fan. Due to this, it’s highly imperative to keep your computer clean both inside and out.

A can of compressed air is one of the fastest and easiest ways of cleaning.

Depending on the place where your electronic gadgets or computers are positioned, compressed air can gather all sorts of dirt from the components.

By using can of compressed air for cleaning your computers, you are actually sticking to the best solution to eliminate dirt.  This can of compressed air also has its pros and cons.

Pros of Using Can of Compressed Air

Using this does not just clean your computer but also protect its components. They help prevent overheating.

Can of compressed air is also the ultimate key to your gadget’s extended life. If the components of computers are clean and well maintained, you are also guaranteed safety as a user.

Cleaning your gadget also save you money since components or replacement parts can be costly.

But you need to be careful when cleaning your computer.

Make sure not to use materials that will not cause scratches in the delicate components such as a motherboard.

While cotton or cloth cannot reach tiny holes and spaces inside your computer, can of compress air have nozzle making it capable of reaching even tiniest spaces and smallest holes.

Moreover, cleaning electronics using can of compressed air saves you time. You can use compressed air on hidden parts of the sockets which are ultimately important for proper functioning of the different components like graphics cards sound cards and many more.

Other Significant Benefits of Using Compressed AirOther Significant Benefits of Using Compressed Air

Lots of attention is now being given to dangers of using compressed air and potential injuries from not utilizing property safety equipment. However, there are known benefits if you use compressed air like:

  • Simple to transport
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Can handle higher loads over a long period of time without the risk of overheating
  • Easy to use and store
  • Can be used in processes that require a high level of cleanliness

Compressed air is usually seen as a safe and clean energy source which can be used easily in different processes and electronics.

Cons of Using Compressed Air Can for Electronics

Although a can of compressed air can clean the computer and electronics easily and quickly, this also has some disadvantages.

Using this might leave some amount of moisture inside your computer which may corrode delicate components eventually.

This can also result in water build up in circuit boards of electronic equipment. Using this for high pressure may also lead to damages on the circuits of your machine.

There are also some environmental concerns linked with using can of compressed air. Most of the compressed air cans use GHG, a greenhouse gas as propellant known as HFC.

These indirectly contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer and becoming a known cause of global warming.

Tips in Cleaning Computers Using Can of Compressed Air

Before you begin cleaning your computers’ interior, make sure to turn it off, unplug and then remove it from the power source and open the case carefully. Also, prior to using this can of compress air that’s a refrigerant on computer components; ensure that the international temperatures are allowed to cool-off.

Avoid scratches if you are putting the computer upside down. As much as possible place a paper or towel under it or if you open it, avoid touching the components and keep your fingers away from the cords and cards.

Keep nozzle of your compressed air can at least 4 inches away from the can of compressed air.

When blowing the fans inside your computer, take extra care since excessive pressure can result in over spinning and might crack a blade or damage the bearings.

Rather than steady blast, make use of short bursts. To prevent damage to fans, you can consider immobilizing it with your finge

These are only some of the tips that will get you engaged in successful cleaning. To get a thorough overview on how to clean your PC with compressed air the right way. Check out the video below..

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