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Hi my name is Michael Kenny and I’m from Ireland and Welcome to my website ”’How To Clean a Computer”  Since I bought my first personal computer, It was always a hassle to clean the hard to reach areas like the gaps between the keys of the keyboard and every nook and cranny where there is a build up of dust, hair, breadcrumbs etc.

Now there is a solution to a problem of vacuum cleaners that will keep and maintain your personal computer clean at all times,

This will give you the information on what to do and tips and tricks on how to do it plus amazing reviews on products that are recommended by consumers that will keep your personal computer close to all spanking new.



For years I always had a problem with my computer, at one stage I used the end of a screw driving and wrapping around it with tissue, but there was always a risk of breaking off the keys of a keyboard which did happen to me one day,

I had to go to the local PC repair shop to get to fix and repaired and since then it always brought on anxiety, everytime when I have to clean my computer, I always knew there was a better solution out there and now I’m delighted there is now.

Only recently my last computer is water damaged and the keys are not working probably, I had to do something about it and this is why this website is created purely for that reason.



The reason why I want to help you is that I don’t want you to go into a similar faith as I went through and wasting your time, money and energy at some point in the long run where you can do it the proper way .

Again there be tips and tricks on how to do it and the kind of cleaners and vacuums that are recommended by consumers out there,

I remember when water sipped into my computer, that was all due to cleaning my computer with a damp cloth, what I know now on what I didn’t know back then was I should’ve unplugged mains, battery and everything connected out and tilt my laptop to one side overnight. this is one such example on what to do and I will cover other tips and tricks in great detail overtime soon.



The purpose of the site is to give people peace of mind and giving them the necessary information on hand without searching the internet for information, I will cover everything on how to maintain and keep your computer clean in all practices.

I will always have new content and updates to keep you posted. plus ideas, tips, and reviews on various products that will do the job for you. I hope you find this website very beneficial for everything you will need.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Michael Kenny

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